The original web philosophy is what made the Internet great!

Wares123 is committed to bringing back that philosophy as a solution to several subtle problems.

* to uncomplicate security
* to process more efficiently
* to disconnect threats to personal privacy
* to improve transparency
* to improve compatibility
* to reduce IT cost
* to establish a clearer path for no-nonsense services
* to establish a better standard for green servers and devices

The original web philosophy was to strictly utilize universally compatible languages and protocols for web content and data transport.

This is the area of the web that must remain fully interoperable, secure and transparent amongst all parties.

Excessive layering of technologies within this shared zone reduces transparency on many subtle issues, allowing them to grow.

This is where real monsters lurk in the shadows, that the public should be concerned about.

In a nutshell: multiple subtle issues involving security, efficiency, and control can grow here where they are not so easily seen.

If followed, the original web philosophy naturally makes these problems reduce and disappear.

It seems clear what has to be done. However, the sheer momentum of mainstream bottom-line-centric technology is unlikely to be dissuaded by argument. What then can be done to turn it around?

All it takes is for ordinary web surfers to boycott mainstream web technologies. That won't be easy at first, however, by starting this movement we are convinced it will get easier with time.

As webmasters heal their site technologies, and as web surfers make use of healed sites, and as the benefits become more widely known, the movement will grow, and the web will heal.

We feel it is the only technological direction that a non-greedy thinking person should consider.

Join our fight for a safer tomorrow!

People That Wish to HealTheWeb...

By making use of websites that include our HealTheWeb seal of approval you are helping to heal the web. It is really that simple. If you wish to help more then tell others to do the same.

Manufacturers That Wish to HealTheWeb..

Wares123 now offers organic product reference technology that ranks incredibly high in search engines. Improve visibility of your products and heal the web at the same time!

Sellers That Wish to HealTheWeb...

Wares123 now offers an e-catalog service that fully complies with HealTheWeb requirements. Make use of this e-catalog to help heal the web.

Webmasters That Wish to Heal The Web...

Soon we will add an approval process to qualify as a HealTheWeb participant. Make your site(s) conform to help heal the web.

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